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Unlocking Growth Opportunities: Partner with Bossard Aerospace for Exceptional C-Parts Distribution

In the dynamic world of aerospace, finding a reliable partner for c-parts distribution is crucial for sustained success. Enter Bossard Aerospace, a seasoned player with over 55 years of invaluable experience in aerospace c-parts management.

1. Unique Expertise:
With a rich legacy dating back to 1967, Bossard Aerospace has consistently demonstrated its prowess in effectively managing c-parts within the aerospace industry. Over the years, our team has honed its skills, becoming a trusted name known for precision, efficiency, and reliability.

2. Financial Stability and Global Reach:
In 2019, Bossard Aerospace aligned forces with the Bossard Group, marking a significant milestone. This strategic move has not only fortified our financial standing but has also expanded our global footprint. With a unique presence in 82 locations, 41 logistic centers, and 15 application engineering laboratories worldwide, Bossard Aerospace now operates as a global player with robust financial backing.

3.Truly "Glocal"
A closer look at Bossard Group reveals a "glocal" powerhouse. Boasting 2,925 dedicated employees globally, Bossard is well-equipped to cater to your concerns anywhere in the world. Our network extends far and wide, making us the preferred supplier that seamlessly combines global capabilities with a local touch.

As a supplier, partnering with Bossard Aerospace opens the door to a world of opportunities. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with the financial strength of the Bossard Group, positions us as a reliable and visionary partner. Join us in elevating your c-parts distribution strategy to new heights and experience the advantages of a truly "glocal" approach.


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