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is our mission

Quality requirements

At Bossard Aerospace quality is a passion to the highest level.

For the highest safety standard we consider the product quality as one of the most important factors.

We take our customers requirements and specifications seriously and try to integrate them as much as possible into our work flow for daily operations. Of course always in accordance to EN9120.

We ensure our products quality by implementing highest level of training and education for our quality inspectors. In combination with suitable control systems within our quality management system, we make sure that nonconformists are detected and corrective actions are made before parts reach our customers. We ensure quality of our products based on over 7000 specifications and drawings archived.

All quality related tasks and results are being recorded by a tailored CAQ system in conjunction to the calibration of measurement devices.

What we do:

Technical services
Quality Lab

In addition to the long-lasting acquired industry- and costumer approvals, we are able to perform technical services and daily business in addition to the essential tasks related to quality management.

General services
Parts inspection

  • Serialized part management
  • Product verification
  • Non conformity management
  • Supplier selection processes and approval
  • Measuring equipment management 

Customer specific services
Boysen inspection

  • Customer delegated early incoming inspection of goods
  • Organization of First Article Inspection Reporting (FAIR) together with the manufacturer
  • Standard part qualification together with the manufacturer in accordance to the customer requirements
  • Technical support
  • Shelf Life Control