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Service solutions
for reducing your overall cost

We offer analogue and digital solutions to help you to elevate the productivity and to reduce workload and overall cost in your production and supply chain.

In today's fast moving world, optimizing your production and manufacturing are true drivers for growth. The leaner and smarter your factory, the bigger your sustainable advantage. 

SFL Blueprint

Smart Factory Logistics (SFL)

Bossard's Smart Factory Logistics is the cornerstone of a streamlined and efficient supply chain.

Leveraging innovative systems and tailored solutions, we integrate the Internet of Things into your factory, fostering seamless machine-to-machine communication. By entrusting us with your C-parts management, you can focus on your core competencies, ensuring a leaner and more transparent process.

Our innovative weight sensor continuously updates stock levels, digitally transmitting data for prompt product replenishment. The real-time automatic reordering system, coupled with transparent data, optimizes procurement and logistics processes, leading to significant overall cost savings.

Enter the realm of Industry 4.0 with the SmartBin Cloud, propelling your production towards digitalization and automation. Bossard Smart Factory Logistics is the catalyst for efficiency and progress in your manufacturing journey.

Explore the future of logistics with Bossard Smart Factory Logistics.

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SmartBin Cloud

SmartBin Cloud brings you to the next level. The weight sensor is triggered by motion and therefore updates all stock and order information instantly at every use (pick or refill) to have a transparent and monitored real-time stock level at any time. When a reorder point is reached, the system autonomously initiates a new order.

Full control and reliability is ensured, as the order status and all product information are visible at a glance on the display of each bin. SmartBin Cloud makes use of the existing infrastructure through the newest IIoT communication. The real-time data is easily accessible through a reliable and secure industrial cloud connection at any time and place in the factory.

>> Learn more about how it works

Smart Factory Assembly in Aktion

Smart Factory Assembly (SFA)

Smart Factory Assembly is a cutting-edge platform precisely designed to streamline your assembly operations. With our platform, ELAM Solutions, harness the power of connected devices, real-time data collection, traceability, flexibility and tailored customization. Our comprehensive solution addresses a variety of industries, such as general industry, contract manufacturer, medical/laboratory , mechanical engineering, hydraulic pneumatic systems and more. Especially SMEs benefit from the expertise in manufacturing innovation by discovering a new and pragmatic way to digitize their shopfloor. 

> More about Smart Factory Assembly

Quality inspection

Delegated incoming inspection

Besides the regular incoming inspection for all deliveries which we receive from our suppliers, we are taking over the incoming inspection for our customers.

Additional quality and volume control before the shipment allows our customer to transfer the parts directly into the warehouse when they arrive at their facilities without additional actions required! This helps our customers to reduce administrative workload as well as throughput time of the parts in the supply chain.

AOG support

AOG Support

To minimize the economical risk during AOG situations, we are offering AOG support for selective customers. Do you require special service for your parts?

Feel free to get in touch with us directly:
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