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In the competitive world of aviation, maintaining an edge is crucial. Bossard Aerospace has become a leader in this industry by offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that not only meet the high standards of the aviation sector but also drive efficiency and innovation. From aerospace fasteners of all norms to advanced digital solutions for supply chain management, Bossard Aerospace's offerings are designed to improve competitiveness and reduce costs.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Bossard Aerospace offers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the industry. This includes a wide variety of fasteners, bearings, latches, and other hardware products in both imperial and metric standard essential for aviation manufacturing and maintenance.


Aerospace Fasteners

Aerospace fasteners are critical for the structural integrity and safety of aircraft. Bossard provides a vast selection of fasteners, including norm parts and custom-designed drawing parts. These fasteners meet stringent aviation standards and are available in both imperial and metric sizes.

  • Norm Parts: Standardized fasteners that comply with industry specifications, ensuring reliability and consistency.
  • Drawing Parts: Custom fasteners designed to meet specific project requirements, providing tailored solutions for unique challenges.


Smart Factory Solutions

Digitization and automation is key to increasing productivity and streamline the process in supply chain management. Bossard Aerospace offers solutions that automate various supply chain processes, making them more efficient and reliable.


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