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Meeting your special requirements with our
Customized Solutions

Tailored Solutions for Aerospace Challenges

When it comes to individual fastening and assembly challenges, Bossard Aerospace excels in providing customized solutions that meet your special requirements. Whether you're in need of prototyping, small batch production, or a completely customized solution based on your drawings, Bossard Aerospace has the expertise to assist you with special parts production. Our carefully selected manufacturers from a worldwide supplier portfolio ensure the highest quality and precision.

Prototyping and Small Batch Production

At Bossard Aerospace, we understand the importance of precision in every project. We offer comprehensive prototyping services to help you develop and test your special parts. Our small batch production capabilities ensure that you receive the exact quantity of drawing parts needed, without compromising on quality. This approach is ideal for projects that require flexibility and accuracy.

Fully Customized Solutions

Our commitment to providing fully customized solutions sets us apart. Bossard Aerospace works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. From initial concept to final production, we ensure that every detail of your drawing parts is meticulously crafted to meet aerospace industry standards. Our customized solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and performance in your applications.

Global Supplier Network

Leveraging a robust global supplier network, Bossard Aerospace sources the best materials and components for your special parts. Our worldwide connections allow us to deliver top-notch drawing parts and customized solutions that meet the stringent demands of the aerospace industry. By partnering with leading manufacturers, we guarantee the reliability and durability of every product we deliver.


With the procurement of special parts by Bossard Aerospace you get real added value:

Added value Bossard special parts


  • Fewer suppliers
  • Professional consulting
  • Comprehensive engineering services
  • Constant quality
  • Smart B- and C-part management
  • Highest supply reliability thanks to automated ordering process
  • Flexible release quantity
  • More free capital due to reduced inventory

Bossard Aerospace is dedicated to providing innovative and reliable fastening and assembly solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the aerospace industry. Our expertise in prototyping, small batch production, and fully customized solutions ensures that your special parts meet the highest standards. Trust Bossard Aerospace for all your drawing parts needs and experience unparalleled quality and service.

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