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New email address policy for Boysen GmbH as part of the Bossard Group

October 20, 2021
October 7, 2021
New email addresses for all employees of the Bossard Group to ensure a consistent corporate identity and because of the introduction of the new Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution.

Spam filter - what you need to know
If organizations apply particularly strict spam filters, it is possible that information from the new Bossard and Boysen email addresses will be filtered. If this should be the case, we kindly ask our customers, suppliers, and other external partners to take appropriate corrective measures.

What changes for customers, suppliers and external partners?
Customers, suppliers, and other external partners will still be able to reach Bossard Group employees using the email address they already know. All emails sent to the old addresses will be automatically forwarded to the new email addresses.

ONE Bossard - the strategic initiative
Looking ahead to its 200th anniversary, the Bossard Group has defined 7 strategic initiatives. The aim is to ensure that the continuously growing company will continue to be considered as a unified actor on the market in the long term. One of the initiatives is called "ONE Bossard" and is intended to ensure that the Bossard Group continues to be ONE company that acts, feels, and behaves in the same way everywhere in the world - this also includes a consistent image.

Today at Bossard, email addresses are assigned to employees according to local rules, sometimes with full names, sometimes with abbreviations. To become "ONE Bossard", globally consistent email addresses will be introduced. The switch to the new email addresses will take place during the current month of October 2021. Starting then, the new email addresses will be public, and all outgoing emails will be sent from the new addresses (<first name>.<last name><[n]>

New IAM solution (Identity & Access Management)
The introduction of the new IAM solution (Identity & Access Management) represents another important step towards "ONE Bossard". In large corporate IT environments, such a solution helps to maintain control and an overview of thousands of internal or external users who have access to a wide range of systems and applications. The new identity and access management solution will further strengthen out cybersecurity defenses and our automation and integration capabilities in the future.